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Arroyo Seco and Vicinity

Many consider the property along Taos Ski Valley Road (NM 150) and the adjacent areas to be some of the most beautiful in New Mexico.  While some areas have views of the mountains, others enjoy views across the valley, this area features both.  The mountains here soar higher that those immediately next to Taos, giving this area the true enchantment that defines New Mexico.  The communities in this zone use Taos Ski Valley Road for their access to Taos.  Also included in this zone are properties right around the "Old Blinking Light" intersection north of US 64.

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Distance to Taos: 10-20 Minutes

Distance to Taos Ski Valley: 15-25 minutes

The Taos MLS divides this area into six MLS zones:

 Arroyo Seco (06A)

The drive along the Taos Ski Valley Highway passes through only one true town which is Arroyo Seco.  It has become increasingly trendy in recent years with galleries and shops lining the main road.  The centuries-old church shows the history of the village.  Like most properties in this region, upscale homes dominate the surrounding area.

The boundary between Arroyo Seco and Des Montes is undefined.  Anyone looking for property east of State Road 230, except for that directly on the Ski Valley Highway should probably check both zones to see all possible listings.

 Colonias Upper (12B)

This zone should properly be named "Upper Las Colonias", but since the MLS searches switch the words, I have kept this order.  By definition, this community extends from US 64 north along the Taos Ski Valley road until you reach the turnoff for State Route 230.  A small portion of the area also sits south of State Road 522 but north of US 64.  It fills a narrow area between two tracks of Taos Pueblo lands which gives the effect of surrounding the community with open space.  The Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood Association has enacted zoning in this area to a much greater extent than other areas in unincorporated Taos County.

The south end starts near the Old Blinking Light intersection and heads west along US 64 about one mile.  Along Overjeros road, a portion of this zone extends on the south side of the Taos Pueblo lands that normally mark the western border of the zone.  Going north along the Taos Ski Valley Road, you come to the Quail Ridge Tennis Resort area which features condos and some commercial space.  North of Quail Ridge, the neighborhood takes on a very upscale atmosphere with modern pueblo style homes - usually oriented to take in views of snow-capped Kachina Peak.

 Des Montes (16A)

The intersection of Hondo Seco Road (County B143) and State Route 230 marks the heart of the upscale and very desirable  Des Montes area.  It extends along state route 230 all the way from the turn off from Ski Valley Road, north to the Valdez (valley) rim, and west along Hondo Seco Road past the elementary school to where the road drops down to the Arroyo Hondo lowlands.  The eastern boundary with Arroyo Seco is undefined.  Anyone looking for property east of State Road 230, except for that directly on the Ski Valley Highway should probably check both zones to see all possible listings.

360 degree views define Des Montes:  North to Lobo Peak - East to El Salto Peak, Kachina, and Taos Mountain - South to the distant snow-capped Truchas - and west to Pedernal and the other mountains beyond the gorge.  Irrigation acequias make this area uniquely wet and lush for such a high area.

 El Salto (21A)

Situated immediately east of Arroyo Seco and the Ski Valley Road in a narrow strip between Taos Pueblo land and the mountains, this neighborhood features some of the most exquisite properties and sweeping views in the Taos area.  Easy access to Taos Ski Valley adds to the desirability.  The variety of ground cover in El Salto is very distinctive.  Within literally hundreds of feet, the sagebrush gives way to pinon, then aspen and ponderosas, and finally spruces.    Those wanting view properties will find them in El Salto.

 Valdez (49A)

The Valdez zone fills the deep valley just to the north of Arroyo Seco that the Ski Valley Road descends into prior to starting its climb to the ski area.  The valley's lush cottonwood trees and irrigated fields form a picturesque foreground to the majestic mountains behind.  Being down in the valley, it does not feature distant panoramic views, but is the only area in the Arroyo Seco zone with a river running through it.

 Valdez North (49B)

Anything north of the Valdez Valley and Arroyo Hondo stream going up towards the mountains to the north belongs in the sprawling zone of Valdez North.  Several upscale subdivisions such as Turley Mill, Deer Mesa, and Gallina Canyon give the area the reputation of having very upscale homes.  Hillsides are entirely wooded and change from pinon pine to ponderosa as altitude increases.  Views to the south above and across the Valdez Valley are just as impressive as those in the zones to the south, but tend to be more private and feel secluded.

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